Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

I woke up this morning crabby and anxious after a poor nights sleep. I contemplated writing the day off as an immediate failure but decided to give it time to redeem itself. So I did what I normally do under these circumstances, I did the dishes and then proceeded to bum around on the internet for a couple of hours.

I decided to take a walk to the bodega to pick up ingredients for Kombucha brewing and pie making. After yesterday's errand running extravaganza I figured being domestic was about all I could take. My neighborhood is filled with flower trees and it wouldn't be a May Day post without flowers.

My friend M'lou gave me some scobys that she had left over from her own kombucha brewing. They had been sitting in my fridge for about a week and I figured it was time to do something with them. I used this recipe and it was easier than pie. Im keeping my fingers crossed that everything turns out ok. I'll report back in about a week with the final verdict.

Now I have to say I was pretty staunchly against kombucha for many years. I found the taste off putting and overwhelming. Considering all the health benefits I wanted to like it but my taste buds had a different plan. All that changed when M'lou offered me some of her home brewed kombucha mixed with apple juice. It was delicious! It tasted more like tangy, fizzy juice than vinegary sour kombucha. I hope my first batch turns out well as I can see the drink becoming a summer obsession.

I had originally intended to end this day eating a a beautiful piece of strawberry rhubarb pie. Unfortunately I was spaced out while assembling the innards and i put in baking power instead of corn starch. To make a long, gut wrenching story short the pie was ruined. Tinny, fizzy and downright inedible.

I saved the day though by whipping up a batch of these poptarts which I made before with nutella filling and they didnt last more than five minutes. This time I had to be resourceful with the fillings using only what I had on hand. Two are nutella (what I had left over from the last batch), 7 are strawberry jam and the last is filled with maple peanut butter. we'll see how that one goes over. Dan had a rough day at work so these are going to be a little treat for him.

I haven't been crafting much lately but when I have time I try to get a little done on my second project from Alicia Paulsons Embroidery Companion.

I completed this a few weeks ago and it is one of my favorite things I've ever made.

Well I'm going to try to make an effort to post here more often but we've all heard that before.

Be well my little poodles.