Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Pfew I'm tired. G, his sis Helena, and I hiked up Mount Cardigan which was absolutely gorgeous but made me realize how out of shape I am. The smokers lung was definitely kicking my ass on the way up. We made it down alive surprisingly especially since Helena took quite a tumble halfway down the mountain. It was some amazing head over heels actions. Thankfully she managed not to hurt herself too badly. It felt great to be on top of a mountain again. I'm really trying to do as much hiking as possible before we leave so I'm ready for the Alps.
That doesn't nearly compare to what the Alps will be like but none the less impressive. I've been basking in my free time and have been trying to keep on top of my knitting. Miss Anna's birthday is a little less than a month away and although I will absolutely finish her(incredibly adorably little)
 sweater in time I have to remind myself not to slack and play DS instead to knit.

Since that picture I have finished the back and almost finished the left front of the cardigan. Thankfully Butterfly is slow going so I haven't been too tempted to pick that up.
G and I are going to the college's book sale tomorrow and I am pumped. Last year I got probably 15 book for about 5 bucks. Most of which were cookbooks and antique nature guides. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as good though because I don't want to spend money! I'm so bad I just can't resist a good book sale. Speaking of spending money or rather trying not to, I will also be accompanying Amity to the Newfane Flea Market and more importantly I'm going to
Sheep and Wool Woo! Pray to the money Gods I don't find too many amazingly tempting things this weekend. I'll leave you with this, sweets.