Monday, February 15, 2010

Reviving the Blog!?

I have been thinking alot recently about the progression of my crafting endeavors and have been trying to hone craft related goals for myself. I've been spending less and less time knitting as I'm having a harder time finding patterns that I "need" or find useful. I have an enormous amount of hats and shawls and generally my funds are too low to purchase sweater yarn. My goal is to never feel worn out on knitting so I've decided to focuse more of my attention on embroidery. Its always been a love of mine but knitting has for a long time held the number one place in my heart. I am starting to see the value of craft for economy as well. I always swore to myself I would never knit for money because I believe the time input is not worth the market price. However, I find myself teeming with ideas for embroidery projects that I could never keep all to myself and I would feel alot more comfortable asking a reasonable price for. So, in short I'm reviving the blog in hopes to share many of my new endeavors in the world of embroidery and perhaps work as a showcase for my upcoming etsy shop.
I do not meant to imply that this blog will serve only as a way to peddle my wears. I have spent many years reading and admiring blogs and I'm hoping that over time I will be able to create an enchanting arena for my fantasies in my many areas of interest. So enough with grand plans and silly schemes perhaps i should give you a little peak at what I've been working on today.

It's for my friend Alison in exhange for her charming white rabbit Gnome. More about him in a few days hopefully when I introduce you to the whole animal menagerie. I'm set on finishing it tonight so i can get it tea dyed and stitched up by tomorrow.

Goodnight my sweet peaches!