Monday, November 12, 2007

Back Again

So I'm not sure why I compulsively avoid this blog. I mean I spend a considerable amount of time on the internet, I enjoy reading other peoples blog, and I sometimes might have a tendency to narrate the adventures of my life (a la JD from Scrubs) in my head, who doesn't?. So why not keep my own blog? I geuss its a feeling of inadequacy. I mean my life isnt really that exciting and I feel like I have a hard time writing honestly in a blog. But I am going to try to keep at it. I have a goal of once a week for the time being.

I geuss I was pondering all this while shopping at Michaels this evening with my mom. If you didn't already know Michaels is having a big yarn (and other stuff) sale and I just couldnt resist. I bought stuff for christmas knitting I promise! ok so i might have bought a skein of SWS that I have been petting everytime I go into Michaels for the past six months. See the thing about me is that despite the fact that I have a compulsive knitter I am not a compulsive yarn buyer. I dont have a large stash at all. Ive found the way to not constantly cast on new projects is to buy only enough yarn for one project at a time. This has been working well for me until recently when I ordered some yarn from knit picks for christmas presents (and well some for myself) and i feel back in love with buying random yarn. I have found the best way to beat the i wanna knit something frivolous for myself blues is to scoot to walmart, pick up a ball of peaches and cream and cast on for a dishcloth.

So I have just discovered in my attempts to take some photos for this post that the light I use for my SAD works fairly decently for lighting photos at night! I took all of the following pictures using it as the primary source of light. The only colors that seem to look a little funky are the dark colors especially the purples which look totally blue. Anyway so this isnt just a boring text only post:

presenting The Very Warm Hat for the always cold ears of Garett

The color is a little washed out I'll have to post a better picture when its done.
These are from my trip to michaels

And here is a little sampling of my random project temptation knitting

This isnt the best picture of this washcloth but I dont feel like loading any more pictures onto my computer at the moment. I just adore this dishcloth because it has a great vintagey feel to me. I dont use dishclothes but garett and his roommates do so this was gifted to them. Undoubtedly it will be destroyed in two weeks but it was pretty while it lasted.

So see you in week (or less if im good or feeling procrastinaty)!

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