Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I know I know

Every year I bitch about how christmas is starting earlier and earlier, I know I'm one of those people, but secretly I kind of love it. I really love ornaments. I don't use them on the tree but hang them from the ends of my curtain rods, my rear view mirror and any other place I can stick them.

If I had to think of two things I love more than Christmas they would be Ebay and Sweden. So when I found something that combined all three I was naturally pleased.

I found these Swedish traditional straw ornaments which are just darling

I particularly love the little stars.

I think I am going to use them to decorate my other little splurge from Michaels last night. (Sorry for the absolutely hideous picture)

I know this is incredibly tacky but quite frankly I love tacky. I almost bought the feather tree but they didnt have the small one in pink. Yeah thats how much I love tacky. I am my mother's daughter.

In knitterly news, I finished garetts xmas very warm hat. Now I only have to knit two towels for my mom, a headband and mittens for my sister, gloves for my dad, handwarmers for garett, and handwarmers for cherie. oh joy!

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