Wednesday, November 28, 2007

chugging away

So I don't have any Thanksgiving pictures like I thought I would. I was too tired from baking to remember to take any :( oh well there's always next year. Thanksgiving always has a way of springing up on me. After the holiday there are only two weeks of school left in the semester. I have been dutifully knitting and trying to ignore the mounting pile of crap I have to get done in that time span. Specifically a paper due next Tuesday the topic of which I have yet to decide upon. Never good on the nerves.
Luckily for my nerves I have been doing somethings that seem to sooth them. After a few days away I picked up my needles again and got to work on Garetts fingerless mitts. I had been working on Cigar gloves but after getting two fingers done on the first glove I decided I didn't like the way it fit. FROG! Soooo I cast on for Dashing and finished the first one last night.
I pretty much hate that picture but it was the best I could get. The mitt fits me fairly well and Garett and I have basically the same size hand so here fingers crossed (no pun intended)

I also cast on last night for the second hand towel for my mom. Road to Perdition and the first disc of the first season of Metalocalypse...
Nothing much to report on that though as its the same as the first one. I really like the pattern as its incredibly mindless but just exciting enough that I dont go crazy.

Another thing that sooths my nerves is being behind the eight ball so to speak. I went on a little Target run yesterday and picked up some holiday essentials. I was going to wait to use them but I couldnt sleep last night (like everynight) so me and the little elves got to work and whipped up this nice little pile of goodies.Now doesnt that look nice? Of course it isnt everything, just everything I have right now. Still waiting for a bunch of stuff in the mail.

And now that we're in the holiday mood I'll show off some ornaments I got myself today from work. They're nothing special and probably not that old (the bunny one isnt old at all) but I was feeling crummy and it was a nice little pick me up.

I like to think about using all the little ornaments and tid bits I get now in ten or twenty years decorating a christmas tree with my family to be. Its dorky I know but at least its a way of justifying buying a bunch of crap! :)

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