Wednesday, November 21, 2007

To worn out to rant

I'm having one of those days where everything feels stale. I've lived this day, emotionally, before. That to me is tiring. I feel discontented, like I did when I was 16. That is not good. I just suddenly felt like everything I have is not what I want. I cant sleep, think, do my work, stay focused. Blah. Things come into my realm of vision and they stay and they remind me just how shifty and unhappy I am. I don't have anyone to talk to. I feel like I can't explain myself fully to anyone right now. I think its just the time of year, the way the light looks in my room, the smells. I guess its stupid to feel this way but I dont like keeping it bottled up. Its one of those moods where I just really want to go get a tattoo, or dye my hair, or go buy a bunch of shit I dont need. Thats called boredom right?

I baked today and that was fun. Tomorrow will be nice with foods and smells, and the nagging feeling like I should be doing work. I'll have pictures of the feast and hopefully smiling faces. I got out of the crazy side show that is Garett's parents Thanksgiving so its just me and the folks. As always it will be a nontraditional meal with leek soup, high brow mac and cheese, burritos (my sisters contribution), and oh yeah turkey.

PS I am totally in love with Hubble pictures. Anytime I am feeling down or worthless I like to look at galaxies that are billions of times bigger than us. It makes me microscopic but in a good way. it reassures me about all the stupid shit thats easy to get caught up in.

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Pam said...

Those pictures are amazing.

I also get those blahblahblah feelings around holidays or, really, any big to-do.